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toppage-img2Powerdyne® Renewable Fuels has developed a Patent Pending technology able to utilize any carbonaceous feed stock including trash, Municipal Solid Waste (House Hold Trash), tires, plastic, and other waste to create high-grade advanced renewable fuels.
Our system is ultra-efficient, has no NOx or SOx and 99.9% of mercury if present is trapped for commercialization. We are left only with CO2 and H2O. The H2O is recycled and 99.9999% of CO2 is captured for sequestration or commercialization.
Plants with our technology operate below the EPA’s baseline standards and have no emissions. The Powerdyne system is a fully closed loop system.

Powerdyne Renewable Fuels is negotiating an agreement for a Municipal Waste Sewage Sludge facility that will receive up to 50 tons of Sludge per day, strategically located in the State of California.

Powerdyne Renewable Fuels has sales agreements in place from a major off take company to take all the JP-8 jet fuel and all the Renewable Diesel that can be produced in any location in the US. Powerdyne Renewable Fuels has also discussed with Euler Hermes to insure the receivables from these two off take entities, which would enter into long term contracts to procure the fuel from Powerdyne Renewable Fuels.

Powerdyne Renewable Fuels will produce a minimum of 1000 barrels per day of JP-8 or renewable diesel – each barrel is 42 gallons – from the 50 tons of feed stock per day.

Powerdyne Renewable Fuels is looking to expand throughout the US currently negotiating with companies in Georgia, Indiana, California and Texas.

Powerdyne Renewable Fuels proven, acceptable specifications by the US Navy:


Powerdyne Renewable Fuels Renewable Fuel

The product is chemically indistinguishable from traditional diesel fuel, features a high cetane value, excellent cold-flow performance and reduced emissions over both biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel. It can be run without blending and offers value as an upgrading stock for petroleum refiners seeking to enhance their existing diesel fuels while also expanding their diesel pool.
Powerdyne provides the most economical and efficient production of “drop in” renewable diesel and jet fuel from any carbonaceous feedstock, well below the United States Environmental Protection Agency emissions guidelines.
EPA Renewable Fuels Standards