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Powerdyne Renewable Fuels consists of a team of highly specialized team of experts and specialists with particular experience in infrastructure project development and financing for the transportation, energy and waste management sectors. Together with our business partners, the firm offers a full spectrum of services to clients from the public and private sectors for the assessment, development, implementation and financing of projects, including both the manufacture of renewable power and renewable fuels.
The firm has compiled an outstanding team of professionals highly knowledgeable and with direct experience in the energy sector, particularly as it relates to renewable energy, waste management, and renewable fuels. Our team is led by Mr. Geoff Hirson, Mr. Gus Shouse (senior executive officers) and Advisory Board comprising Secretary Spencer Abraham, (Secretary of Energy). This project also includes Powerdyne Renewable Fuels specialized consulting affiliates and engineering consultants.

Geoff Hirson, President

Hirson brings to the table over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in building and developing successful companies, including international experience as well as successful business development in the U.S.

In a joint venture with the Navajo Nation, he was able to obtain the necessary approvals to build a 100MW concentrated solar farm on tribal land, with extensions to take it to 5,000MW

At the same time, he was developing the Powerdyne patent pending process for doubling the efficiency of coal generated power and renewable fuels while eliminating the NOx and SOx and capturing 99.999% of the Carbon Dioxide

Gus Shouse, COO

50-year veteran, having owned and operated several companies in engineering, construction, mining and coal technology.

Built, retrofitted, and/or repaired coal-fired power plants around the world and in the U.S.

Introduced new technology to the mining industry through the installation of computerized control programs, computerized mining equipment and solid state D.C. generation systems for large electric strip mining machines